Building Envelope System

The building envelope is the physical separator between the interior and exterior of a building. Components of the envelope are typically: walls, floors, roofs, fenestrations and doors. Fenestrations are any opening in the structure: windows, skylights, clerestories, etc. Better Contracting Services (BCS) Specializes in Building Envelope systems working with state of art Building materials.


Self-Adhered Water Resistive Air Barrier Membrane

Picking up where traditional house wraps leave off, Blueskin® VP100 offers a fully adhered solution that produces an air tight, water tight and weather tight membrane.





HF-12, a popular choice among architects for a variety of institutional, industrial and commercial applications, is AGWAY’s most popular Hidden Fastener profile. With no visible fasteners, these 12”panels install easily and deliver the clean, sleek lines of contemporary surfaces,

Available in a range of gauges and a variety of standard and custom colours, HF-12 enables customers to specify the ideal combination of strength and aesthetics that optimize achievement of all project objectives.