Commercial / Industrial Roof Service / Roof Repair

Roof Top Generators 

Better Contracting Services Installing a Roof Top Generator Below


Overflow Drains (Scupper Drain)

Better Contracting Services can Install extra overflow drains to new flat roofs and existing flat roofs.



Better Contracting will work with  HVAC Technicians to cut new roof curbs in and flash with membrane and metal and installs tall cones



Roof Hatches

Better Contracting Installs new roof hatches and replaces existing  roof hatches




Test Cuts (Core Test) 

Better Contracting does Test cuts for their Clients, Test cuts will determine moisture in roof, layers, type of membranes, Insulation thickness


Cladding Elevator Rooms


Roof Flashing 

Better Contracting Replaces Damaged Metal flashings with Heavy gage pre painted steel metal



Roof Drains (Sumping)

Better Contracting Sumps there insulation , causes positive drainage to roof drains