Commercial 2 Story Roof Replacement

2 story re-roofing project including:

  • Removal of multiple layered 4 ply tar and gravel roofing (B.U.R.)
  • Wooden Roof deck replacement (Rotten or worn areas)
  • Installation of tapered insulation to roof surface and providing a R12.1 (minimum) value with vapour barrier / retarderInstallation of a 2 ply SBS Bitumen membrane to roof surface area

Project Challenges

Relatively small commercial project with large challenges.

  • Challenge 1: This facility is located on a very busy street in Toronto and the accessibility for large trucks for delivery and removal of material proved difficult to stay on budget.
  • Challenge 2: The facility is an automotive repair and maintenance shop that has a high volume of customers on a daily and hourly basis.
  • Challenge 3: The work being conducted was directly over the clients service bays and entrances to the facility.

How We Solved Them

  1. Due to the high volume of traffic on the street, we organized routine delivery and removal during non peak traffic times (delivery and removal were scheduled at 7 a.m. daily during work progress)
  2. We are meticulous about client and general public safety. We provided a separate and fully fenced area for our workers and equipment throughout the project duration.
  3. The work area not only had to be safe and away from the general public, we were working directly above the service bays of the facility. Special care was taken overhead to ensure that the customers vehicles were protected while they were being serviced by the client.