St Francis Xavier Catholic Church5650 Mavis Rd

Remove 1 layers of existing shingles and all associated debris and dispose of
2. Inspect plywood deck
3. Install custom Vented drip with ½ Lip kicked out at perimeter where eaves are located
4. Install 6 ft of Ice and Water membrane to entire eave perimeter
5. Install Ice and Water shied to all transitions of sloped to wall where flashings are located
6. Install Synthetic Diamond Deck Roof underlayment to balance of roof surface area up from eave protection
7. Install Decra stone coated XD shake or XD shingle
8. Install pre painted metal flashings to walls on sloped roof section
9. Thoroughly seal all new flashing with Dymonic Tremco
10. Install 3 New Custom Oversized Maximum 301 vents to slope roof section