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Roofing review in Toronto

I had my roof previously replaced by another roofing contractor in the summer of 2017 . Due to the other contractors poor workmanship the roof leaked severel during our rainy season in the fall of 2017 . To make matters my home was just listed for sale ? I had made many attempts to contact the previous roofing contractor to address his poor workmanship and my leaking roof . Unfortunately the original contractor disconnected his phones and bankrupted his corporation. I am however legally pursuing him personally .Since this matter is still before the courts I have been advised not to name this delinquent roofing contractor by my lawyer .

After a frantic search for a new roofing contractor I called Better Contracting Services . I spoke to the owner Mike Graves who sent me Josh his sales person . Mike and Josh pointed out the errors of my previous contractors workmanship and proposed a remedy which basically was the removal of the newly installed roof and the installation of a new roof with a complete new roof warranty .

I would like to thank the team at Better Contracting Services for their prompt professional and fair pricing .

Thank you Better Contracting Services for a job well done .

Ricardo R

Excellent roofing experience and customer service

Roofing review in Toronto

I knew of better contracting from their appearance on Holmes on homes. I was reminded of them this year at the national home show where is dawned on me we need a new roof as well as eaves. I called the office and spoke to Rocco who was exceptional working and getting me scheduled for a quote and throughout the process. He was able to fit me in and also gave me his personal line to help and questions and concerns that I had. The job took 2 days and it looks absolutely amazing. I strongly recommend better contracting to anyone that is willing to spend the money for the quality of work that they stand firmly behind.

Thank you so much

Roof repair

Roofing review in Toronto

We have lived in our house for 17 years, and it is a house with a flat roof. Shortly after moving in we had a heavy rainfall and some leaks occurred and water was coming in through our roof into our family room. We called a roofer, they said they fixed it, unfortunately when the snow melted the following winter, once again we had water in our family room. After trying a second roofer with the same disappointing result, I was referred to Better Contracting. The roof has never had issues since. Since then I have also used Better C to replace my cedar shingles and also replaced the membrane on a secondary roof we have. Everyone from Better ha salads been very professional, courteous and knowledgeable. They are the only roofing company that I trust and that I will ever use. I highly recommend Better Contracting. Lor

Roof shingle repair

Roofing review in Markham

A big windstorm last week blew away a small section of shingles from my roof. We’ve used Better Contracting before with good results, so I got in touch. They sent a crew the next day and got everything fixed within a couple of hours. Thanks for the quick, professional service!

Mike Last in Etobicoke

complete roof and skylights replacement

Roofing review in Toronto

We moved into our new home and our contractor advised us to have our roof done because of our uneven ceiling. We have floor to ceiling glass showers, we need somebody that know what they are doing. Our contractor told us that if the roofers are not gentle, there is a risk that our shower can shatter.
Better Contracting Services came over and inspect the roof and skylight. They went through the different options we have and also gave us quotes for everything.
Mike and Josh took their time to give us the information to consider. There was no sales pressure just all the facts.
After seeking out other roofers’ quotes, we decided to go with Better Contracting Services. We are so happy we did. The installation was clean and the crew was efficient. We weren’t home during the installation but our contactor told us that the roofers were very professional and conscientious when they were there. Everything went perfectly.
I am very confident that our new roof is done right and it will be trouble free for at least 20 years.
Thank you Josh and Mike for all your help. You have our recommendation.

ktsang in Toronto

Roof Repair

Roofing review in Toronto

I had a leak in my roof of my 1.5 story house that was leaking into the main floor living room. I contacted Mike at Better Contracting and they were able to come out 2 days later. They provided me a quote over the phone of it taking the full hour minimum fee of $500, and I said lets do it.

They came by 2 days later and took just over the quoted hour, but never increased the prices. The work was done very well, and there was no mess left behind. The two workers were very nice and explained everything to me. They recommended that I look into a new roof soon, but didn’t push for it in anyways and even said I could wait another couple years. They explained what they saw underneath the shingles while replacing the shingles, and explained how a new roof would also benefit me for insulation as well. Overall it was a perfect experience and it’s rained and snowed a few times since and we’ve had zero problems.

Attached is a picture of the before (what I sent them).

Rob Cimicata Etobicoke

Roofing repair after major storm

Roofing review in Mississauga

Last-minute call for help after a major storm ripped some shingles off of my roof. Enough that I had a small amount of water coming into the master bedroom ceiling.

Explained to them roof was only 6yrs old. Indicated they would do their very best to match colours, but explained many there are many shingle manufacturers, and a multitude of colours.

Better Contracting was out next morning for a prompt, seamless repair. Looks absolutely spectacular. Cannot find where the patch was at all…

Best part is they were very fair with respect to price – did not take advantage of the situation.

Contemplating replacing gutters – I will be calling them FIRST!

Thank you to the team @ Better Contracting.

Ben DaPonte from Mississauga


Roofing review in Toronto

These guys were already recommended to me when I found out they were a Holmes-approved company, so that sealed the deal. The estimate was accurate (they actually came in a little under) and the work was completed on time. That was with a rain-day too, so they would have been even quicker. The guys friendly and polite, even to our dog who did not approve of them on the property. Little does he know that the roof will probably outlast *him*. Excellent work, and they even matched some existing product so everything looked great. Strongly recommended!

Mark Hager from Toronto

Roof Replacement

Roofing review in Mississauga

The Better Contracting Crew we had on our roof were very disciplined. The crew were down a few members due to illnesses working in this crazy weather and I felt very bad for the crew, having to make up for the missing members. Talking to them for 5 minutes I felt I was robbing them of very valuable working time. They were under pressure and just wanted to complete the job to the best of their ability. Working in the construction industry, I understand from an administrative perspective, that illnesses during the year are often a shortfall and something everyone else just has to suck up and make due to get the job done. We are very appreciative of the crew’s great work ethic and ability to get the job done under the timeline pressures of daylight hours and minimum personnel. I was very honoured to have such a great crew working on our roof. A good work ethic is often hard to come by. Better contracting’s commitment to getting the job done did not go unnoticed and they were commended on their efforts and quality of craftsmanship as no corners were cut to get the job done quicker. If there’s any doubt in which company to hire, hire Better Contracting. I know its the best company decision I have ever made for home renovations thus far.

Jennifer from Mississauga

Replaced old 4″ eavestroughs and downspouts with new 5″

I hired them to do my entire lower roof – new eaves troughs, smart screen, downspouts – including redirecting a downspout that was going into my underground weeper. They did a good job both times. Each time it took about 4 weeks to complete the job after I signed the estimate (which took about 2 weeks for each project). I wanted them to do my small roof above my bedroom – the last part of my house not completed. Well, this is where their customer service fell apart. I emailed pictures and measurements of the eaves and asked for a quote. I followed up 1 week, 2 weeks and 3 weeks after my initial email. Josh told me 2 weeks after I submitted the request that I would be getting the estimate very shortly. I waited another week and still did not receive it. A simple estimate! I was so frustrated that I contacted another company that previously provided an estimate for one of the 2 jobs Better Contracting did. I got an estimate within 3 days of my request and they came and completed the work 4 days after I signed my estimate!!! If it was not for this last experience, I would have given Better Contracting a 10! They need to get their act together as they are losing business from reasonable customers like me

Bee Gee from Toronto

Replace roof, eavestroughs and downspouts

Gutters & Eavestroughs review in Thornhill

We contacted Better Contracting because we were impressed with their website and had seen the company frequently on Holmes on Homes. Our experiences could not have been better. We are exceptionally particular and do not provide endorsements easily, however we recommend and would use Better Contracting again without hesitation. Josh spent a great deal of time with us explaining the constraints of and providing recommendations for our low slope roof, and recommendations for eavestroughs and downspouts to limit and redirect water which was accumulating on our property. Josh was the most knowledgeable and impressive of any estimator we met. We accepted Better Contracting’s quote (at the upper end of a number received) because of this and the Company’s reputation. The roofing crew arrived within a few days as scheduled, worked efficiently, were exceptionally courteous/accommodating and when Freddy and his team left our property was pristine. The next day the eavestroughs and downspouts were replaced. The quality of all of the work is exceptional and our new roof looks amazing! We very much appreciate having had Charlena as our contact throughout and for her promptness and professionalism in handling any questions or requests. Danny

Daniel from Markham


Roofing review in Toronto

I had been struggling w a leaky roof for nearly a year. Five different roofing companies came to my home mulitple times to try & find the source of the leak. I had quotes ranging from $2000 to $22, 000 (!!) … one company recommended I redo my entire roof AND have my neighours redo a part of their roof as well. After inspecting the roof, they all came to the same conclusion – that the water was coming in along the shared wall between my house and my neighbour’s – but when they did a water test to replicate the leak, they were all unsuccessful and completely stumped. One of the technicians actually said “I’ve been in this business 15 years, and I’ve never been stumped like this before. I don’t know what to tell you.” I found Better Contracting through Mike Holmes. I was completely frustrated and not very optimistic at this point, but the office staff was lovely & patient. They listened to my story and sent out a roofer named Rob to have look. Rob was the ONLY technician (out of 6) who actually arrived on time. He was very pleasant & professional. He went up on the roof, took pictures (and video), then came back and showed me what he had seen, taking time to explain it until I understood. He said he understood why the other companies had focused on a specific area, but that he suspected the water was coming in from another area. He was absolutely right. He fixed the area that he thought was the cause, and told me to keep an eye on it … and that was the end of the leak! Long story short, I would highly recommend this company. They were courteous, careful & very professional. As a single woman completely out of my depth on the subject of roofing, I never once felt like they were trying to upsell me on an expensive fix … and I very much appreciated Rob taking the time to explain what he was doing and why. I would highly recommend this company (and have done already).

K Jamieson from Toronto

Roof, soffits, eavestroughs

Gutters & Eavestroughs review in North York

What I find different about Better Contracting is that they do whatever is necessary to do the job right. Mike Graves gave me a price based on his experience.He could not have foreseen the difficulty encountered in actually doing one part. His guys got on with it and took the time to get it right.
Of course they have professional workers and fine leaders.Aryan led the roofing job and Tony the aluminum work. They did not waste time, they cleaned up after themselves and left a great looking job. They are well organized, they do what they say they will and you can always get an answer to any queries.
Mike explained what needed to be done and referred me to some websites to educate myself about why a cold roof is important. His men took photos of the job highlighting problem areas and photos showing how these problems were addressed. I hope we don”t need their services in this area again, but if I do they are the ones I’ll call.

John MacNamara from Toronto


Roofing review in Toronto
About 4 years ago

When the snow finally melted this spring I discovered some shingles missing from our 12 year old roof. Upon closer inspection we found a small amount of water in our attic. We were familiar with Better Contracting due to their numerous TV appearances so we thought we would give them a try. They did not disappoint. 2 days after our initial phone conversation we met Mike Graves who came to provide an estimate. Very professional and easy to understand(which was nice due to my limited knowledge of roofing).
We gave the ok and the crew showed up 5 days after. Everyone was very courteous and professional. When they left my property was immaculate and my roof looked incredible.
Thanks guys

Sue from Mississauga


Roofing review in Old Toronto

We own a 3 story apartment building with 35 units in Toronto. On the third floor of the building in two apartments, there were minor intermittent roof leaks which appeared primarily after a spring thaw. At the end of May 2013, we hired a company to repair the leaks. They were going to spray an environmentally friendly material called “Tough-Guard” over the effected area which was about one sixth of the total roof area. They guaranteed that they would fix the leaks.

Later, when we went to the roof to see how it was going, unfortunately we saw that, without our prior knowledge or consent. they had begun tearing the roof apart in that area and beyond. When we asked what was going on, the roofing company owner told us that they felt the job needed more work. Now we were stuck.

That weekend, June 22 and 23, the weather turned bad and it began to rain heavily. Water literally deluged into the back of the building as if the roof had been completely open with nothing to even slow the water. It rained in heavily over the tenants and their goods and penetrated down on every floor of the building right through to the basement.

The next day, the roofer and some of his helpers came to the building purportedly to try fix the problem.With a huge white tarp, they created a tent covering over the back portion of the roof. This was ineffective as the tarp had several large rips and holes in it. They also took a wet-vac to the roof and were up there the following week, after each rainfall trying to vacuum up the water. Nevertheless, with each subsequent rain, water poured into the building. Then, the company owner began trying to sell us on a complete new roof installation to be done, of course, by him.

So, our attempt to effect a simple repair had now become a nightmare for us and 15 effected tenants. Fifteen apartments now had water soaked and damaged ceilings, walls, floors and contents. The back areas of the hallways on every level, their floors, carpets, ceilings and walls were soaked as were the ceilings, walls and carpets of back areas of the finished basement which had all been seriously damaged.

At this point, it was very clear that these people had caused this problem and did not want to or know how to solve it effectively and rain was threatening yet again. So, we contacted Better Contracting Services which we knew is a roofing company used regularly by Mr. Mike Holmes on the TV program, Holmes Makes It Right, on Home & Garden TV. Despite the fact that this is the busiest season for all roofers, they saw the urgency and immediately sent a team of men to the roof to try to seal the damage done by the other company sufficiently enough to gain time to effect a good repair or replacement of the roof. Based on our experience to date, we were quite concerned about their ability to do this.

On the morning of July 8, 2013, five men from Better Contracting Services arrived at the building to apply a bandage-like measure to the roof in order to stop the deluge of water and buy time to effect a proper repair. They completed the work in about 5 hours and assured us that this would stop any further water coming into the building. They finished by 1:30 pm. That very afternoon, the skies opened up and we had a record rainfall (126 mm in 2 hours) which flooded subways, Go Train tracks and Toronto in general. Yet, not one drop of water entered the building.

As a result of this success and in view of the serious damage caused by the other roofer, we asked Better Contracting Services for a quote to replace the roof. The roof they proposed was the best insulated roof I have ever seen and I have owned and managed apartment buildings all my life. It was by no means cheap. But, it should last for decades without a leak. They worked on it constantly for two weeks. The result is a work of roofing art.

The services provided by Better Contracting were fast, informative, extremely efficient, clean and effective. If you want it done right, your choice is clear.

Paul Schillinger from Toronto

Repair/replace flashing and valley on roof

Roofing review in Toronto

I contacted Better Contracting Services after having seen their company numerous times on the “Holmes on Homes” tv show. I liked their open manner, professionalism, and desire to do the best job possible. Our current roof is 11 years old. The valley between the garage and the house had eroded a fair bit and I also felt that it was time to replace the flashing on the front and have the whole roof inspected in advance of the winter season. Even though we live in Scarborough and they are a west-end company, there were no issues about scheduling an appraisal, having a chat with the appraiser, and scheduling a repair date. The crew that came out to do the work was courteous, professional, and down-east friendly. In no time flat they were up on the roof working away. They offered suggestions with regard to improving both the look and the effectiveness of the new flashing. The explanation they offered made a lot of sense. And since there was no change in the original estimate, I quickly agreed to their proposal. We are very happy with the upgrade to the look of the front of our house and the repair of the valley. The flashing actually matches the windows and eavestroughing perfectly and much better than the previous work. Our home looks better and is better prepared to withstand the rigours of another Canadian winter. We are quite pleased with the work and the approach of the people at Better Contracting Services. We will keep their number handy for future work and will recommend them highly to friends and family.
Sincerely, Dan Nazar, Toronto

Dan in Scarborough